09 April 2012

H&M Matte Nail top coat.

H&M's jet black nail polish; £2.99
H&M's Matte Top coat; £1.99

About a year ago I became a bit obsessed with buying H&M nail polishes, I literary can't go in to H&M without buying a new one, I think I have just about every colour. When I was in last week this wee gem caught my eye. I've always wondered how I could get that matte look on my nails whenever I have been gothing it up and painting them black. So here it is at the lovely price of £1.99!

You obviously have to start with a base coat, then just apply it as if it was a normal top coat (here I have only covered the bottom part of my nail in a french manicure style so you can see the matte compared to the shiny coat.) It goes on in a shiny, cloudy way then dries almost straight away creating the matte look. 

I really like all the H&M polishes because they go on quite thick so you only need to have one coat and they dry really fast compared to others like models own and other more expensive brands. They have a very large range of colours all at the very cheap price of £2.99! BARGAIN!