02 May 2012

A week in ambularr's nails.

Oki so its more like two weeks in ambularr's nails but its doesn't sound right... 

Basically I found these nail art pens on ebay, like 24 for £4.99! I was like WHATTT! My models own black pen was £6.99 for just one! So not one to miss a bargain when it comes to nail art. I got them last week and have had new nail designs almost every day! From "UP" inspired to pastel Aztec designs to, my new all time favourite cartoon, "Adventure time", I've done it all. I also got a models own "gold finger" polish that literately makes your nail gold.

Recommend me some more nail art blogs to follow guys!

Glossy box//april 2012

In my box. 

caudalie, vinosource SOS thirst-quenching serum full size; £29
"a newly-launched ultra-concentrated serum is extremely natural and plant based, ensuring your skin never lacks moisture."

inika, organic eyeliner. full size; £11.75
"a rich and cream consistency unparalleled in the world of natural liners"

ayuuri, natural body wash.; full size; £4.95
"the whole range is based on fruit, plant and flower extracts that have long been used in india to enhance skin's natural beauty"

figs and rouge, lip balm. full size; £3.29
"100% pure, natural and organic multipurpose balm. excellent for smoothing and naturally hydrating dry lips and skin."

kai, perfume oil. full size; £41.00
"intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics"

I got my first glossy box the other day, I didn't really know what to expect as I have read very mixed reviews on the company. I guess its like a lucky bag, its either gonna be a hit or a miss. I must addmit I wasn't expecting much but it turn out to be a nice wee treat. 
Anybody can apply for the box and for just £9.99 per box you get at least £50 worth of goodies and samples! After you apply you answer some simple beauty questions so they know what colour of make up/types of smells you prefer. The box is advertised as the most luxurious of its kind, the box its self was beautiful and is like a nice wee gift box you would get with a present in it and end up keeping to put some nail polishes or something in.
Each box also comes with a description of the items and how much it is worth!  I was only disappointed that they sent me a blue eye liner, but that might be down to how I answered the mini questionnaire. All in all I was quite happy with my box, it definitely had that touch of class and luxury they proudly advertise on their web site. 

OH and they have a men's section!!!

Let me know if you got one and what you all thought!

24 April 2012

17 Peep Show Mascara.

For my birthday my mum bought me some stuff out boots 17 party range, I absolutely love the mascara! I have never used boots own stuff before but I was very impressed. It makes your lashes super long (as you can see) the only down fall is you might have to reapply it half way through the day. It comes in two colours I'm wearing black but you can also buy black/brown if you have a fairer hair colour. On offer for £4 down from £6.99 you're getting a bargain! So if your looking for a little gift for a girl who has everything or you want an amazing wee mascara for yourself then I insist you buy this and check out the rest of the range at your nearest boots store! 

14 April 2012

My life in pictures.

This spring break has been epic! I was working at the Kids in glass houses and You me at six gig last week, was so good to see the boys play again. It feels like a lifetime since I seen them last and it was only a few months ago. That was also my 30th KIGH gig which seems mad when I think about it, but I have been in love with them since I was 13 and now I photograph them so I guess its acceptable. It was my best friend Lisa's 21st last week too, was such a rad wee night, no drama, no fannies, good times. I got a bit bored mid week so I took my little sisters to this chocolate factory in Glasgow town and we made our own eggs and chocolate bars! Then on tuesday it was Lee's birthday so I got in a Jake the dog plushy and wee got messy on jager. I was back in Ayr last night shooting at a gig for my brother who runs a promoting company. In all this holiday has been not too shabby. 

09 April 2012

H&M Matte Nail top coat.

H&M's jet black nail polish; £2.99
H&M's Matte Top coat; £1.99

About a year ago I became a bit obsessed with buying H&M nail polishes, I literary can't go in to H&M without buying a new one, I think I have just about every colour. When I was in last week this wee gem caught my eye. I've always wondered how I could get that matte look on my nails whenever I have been gothing it up and painting them black. So here it is at the lovely price of £1.99!

You obviously have to start with a base coat, then just apply it as if it was a normal top coat (here I have only covered the bottom part of my nail in a french manicure style so you can see the matte compared to the shiny coat.) It goes on in a shiny, cloudy way then dries almost straight away creating the matte look. 

I really like all the H&M polishes because they go on quite thick so you only need to have one coat and they dry really fast compared to others like models own and other more expensive brands. They have a very large range of colours all at the very cheap price of £2.99! BARGAIN!

06 April 2012

First post.

Hey guys so this is clearly my first post. I really hope to get this blog up and running properly before the summer. I got lots of nice affordable beauty products that I will be trying out and reviewing this week, I also found some cool sales for you guys to check out and other stuff us skint students love! So keep 'em pealed!


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