14 April 2012

My life in pictures.

This spring break has been epic! I was working at the Kids in glass houses and You me at six gig last week, was so good to see the boys play again. It feels like a lifetime since I seen them last and it was only a few months ago. That was also my 30th KIGH gig which seems mad when I think about it, but I have been in love with them since I was 13 and now I photograph them so I guess its acceptable. It was my best friend Lisa's 21st last week too, was such a rad wee night, no drama, no fannies, good times. I got a bit bored mid week so I took my little sisters to this chocolate factory in Glasgow town and we made our own eggs and chocolate bars! Then on tuesday it was Lee's birthday so I got in a Jake the dog plushy and wee got messy on jager. I was back in Ayr last night shooting at a gig for my brother who runs a promoting company. In all this holiday has been not too shabby.